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New Video: OAEC and SOIL Turn Waste into a Resource in Haiti

OAEC's permaculture-based collaboration with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is supporting Haiti to transform human waste into resources. SOIL's project of community-based composting toilets not only improves public health through water quality improvement and disease reduction, but also increases local economic sustainability through job creation and a valuable product--nutrient-rich soil.

OAEC-SOIL collaboration

OAEC's Brock Dolman and Kendall Dunnigan recently had the honor of facilitating the SOIL staff through a permaculture design process for their new ecology center. While in Haiti, Brock and Kendall were supported with language and content translation by two interpreters, Jean Arnaud and Ingrid Henrys.

Thank you for helping us raise $6,000 to bring these Haitian ecologists and community leaders to OAEC for our Fall PDC!










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