Mother Garden Biodiversity Program & Nursery

Group gardening

OAEC’s Biodiversity Program focuses on curating and propagating a diverse plant and seed collection of over 3,000 varieties of heirloom, open-pollinated annuals and over 1,000 varieties of edible, medicinal and ornamental perennials.

Learn about how OAEC is giving back through the Biodiversity Program.

OAEC Plant Sale

Plant Sale Photo

We proudly host 3 Plant Sales each year. Take home OAEC’s unique, California Certified Organic plants ready for Permaculture Design.

Our plant collection — developed over the past 30 years of intensive horticulture at the OAEC site — emphasizes food crops of special genetic, cultural and historic importance. 

Our gardens provide organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for thousands of meals prepared onsite each year. 

NEW! Nursery Hours

In addition to our 3 annual Plant Sale festivals, our nursery is now open every weekend between:

  • May 17th - Jun. 29th and
  • Sept. 6th - Nov. 2nd

During non-"Plant Sale" weekends, our nursery will offer perennial ornamental and food crops, including a wide selection of culinary and medicinal herbs.

To get a feel for our selection, view our 2013 Fall perennials list.


Get Involved

Through classestours and weekly volunteer days, the OAEC Mother Garden demonstrates small-scale, bio-intensive, human-powered organic gardening.