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TOP recommendations for building your new water library

Popular Water Awareness & Education Guides

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Freshwater Aquaculture

Stormwater Management

Watershed Restoration, Assessment & Monitoring

TOP recommendations for building your new water library:

Fresh Water by E. C. Pielou
Publisher: University of Chicago Press (Trd);
ISBN: 0226668150; (September 1998)

Introduction to Water in California
by David Carle
Publisher: University of California Press; ISBN 0520240863 (2004)

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volume 1: Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain Into Your Life and Landscape by Brad Lancaster
Publisher: Rainsource Press ISBN: 097724640X (2006)

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volume 2: Water Harvesting Earthworks
by Brad Lancaster
Publisher: Rainsource Press ISBN: 978-0-9772464-1-0 (2008)

Totem Salmon: Life Lessons From Another Species by Freeman House
Publisher: Beacon Press; ISBN 0 8070 8549 9 (1999)

Water: A Natural History by Alice Outwater
Publisher: Basic Books; ISBN: 0465037801; (October 1997)

Water Consciousness: How We All Have to Change to Protect Our Most Critical Resource edited by Tara Lohan. Publisher: AlterNet Books; ISBN:13978-0-9752724-4-2 (2008)

Watersheds: A Practical Handbook for Healthy Water by Clive Dobson &
Gregor Gilpin Beck; Publisher: Firefly Books; ISBN 1552093301 (1999)

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Popular Water Awareness & Education Guides:

Healthy Water Healthy People: Water Quality Educators Guide
By The Watercourse. ISBN: 1888631120 (2003).

The No-Nonsense Guide to Water by Maggie Black.
Publisher: Verso Books; ISBN:1844675092 (2004)

The Water Atlas: A Unique Visual Analysis of the World’s Most Critical Resources by Robin Clarke and Jannet King. Publisher: The New Press; ISBN: 1565849183 (2004)

Watershed Dynamics: Teachers Edition
by William S. Carlsen and Nancy M. Trautmann. Publisher: NSTA Press; ISBN: 087355213X (2004)

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Global Water Issues:

Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke. Publisher: New Press;
ISBN: 1565847318; (April 2002)

Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water by Jeffrey Rothfeder.
Publisher: J. P. Tarcher; ISBN: 1585421146; 1st edition (October 11, 2001)

Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity (The Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series) by Sandra Postel, Linda Starke (Editor). Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393317447; 2nd edition (June 1997)

When the Rivers Run Dry: Water -The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-First Century by Fred Pearce. Publisher: Beacon Press; ISBN: 0807085723 (2006)

The Water Crisis: Finding the Right Solutions by Julie Stauffer.
Publisher: Black Rose Books; ISBN: 1551641445 (1999)

Troubled Water: Saints, Sinners, Truths and Lies about the Global Water Crisis by Anita Roddick & Brooke Shelby Biggs. Publisher: Anita Roddick Books;
ISBN: 095439593X (2004)

Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource by Marq de Villiers.
Publisher: Mariner Books; ISBN: 0618127445; (July 2001)

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit by Vandana Shiva.
Publisher: South End Press; ISBN: 089608650X; (February 2002)

Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly and the Politics of Thirst

by Diane Raines Ward. Publisher: Riverhead Books; ISBN: 1573222291; 1st edition (August 1, 2002)

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Rainwater Catchment Systems:

Guideline on Rainwater Catchment Systems for Hawaii
by Patricia S. H. Macomber. College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Publication no. RM-12. ISBN: 1929325118. (2001) www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/ctahr2001/PIO/FreePubs/FreePubs09.asp#Water .

On Tap Magazinewww.nesc.wvu.edu/ontap.cfm - Controlling Cross Connections, Fall ’07 issue

Rainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply: Design, construction and implementation
by John Gould & Erik Nissen-Petersen. Publisher: ITDG Publishing. ISBN:1853394564 (1999)

Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged
by Suzy Banks with Richard Heinichen Publisher: Tank Town Publishing. ISBN: 0966417003 (1997) www.rainwatercollection.com/rainwater_collection_how.html

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volume 1: Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain Into Your Life and Landscape
by Brad Lancaster
Publisher: Rainsource Press ISBN: 097724640X (2006)

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volume 2: Water Harvesting Earthworks
by Brad Lancaster
Publisher: Rainsource Press ISBN: 978-0-9772464-1-0 (2008)

Rainwater Harvesting Potential and Guidelines for Texas
by the Texas Water Development Board (2006)

Storm Water as a Resource: How to Harvest and Protect a Dryland Treasure
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico (2002)

Texas Manual On Rainwater Harvesting 3rd Edition
by the Texas Water Development Board (2005) www.twdb.state.tx.us/publications/reports/RainwaterHarvestingManual_3rdedition.pdf

City of Tucson Water Harvesting Guidance Manual

Water From The Sky
by Michael Reynolds

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers and Ponds
by Art Ludwig. Publisher: Oasis Design. ISBN: 0964343363 (2005)

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Additional Home Water Management:

Earth Ponds Sourcebook: The Pond Owner's Manual and Resource Guide by Tim Matson Publisher: Countryman Pr; ISBN: 0881503584; (October 1997)

Earth Ponds: The Country Pond Maker's Guide to Building, Maintenance and Restoration by Tim Matson
Publisher: Countryman Pr; ISBN: 0881501557; 2Nd/Rev/ex edition (May 1991)

Water for Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline Plan by P.A. Yeomans
Publisher: Keyline Designs; ISBN: 0-6461295-4-6
Can be ordered from http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/bookstore/

Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration for Harmony with Nature by Michael Littlewood. Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.; ISBN: 0764321838 (2005)

The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store and Conserve It

by Stu Campbell, Roger Griffith (Editor)
Publisher: Storey Books; ISBN: 0882663240; (October 1983)

Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds by Art Ludwig.
Publisher: Oasis Design; ISBN: 0964343363 (2005)

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Ecological Wastewater Management:

Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment: Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural by Donald A. Hammer. Publisher: Lewis Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 087371184X (1989)

Constructed Wetlands in the Sustainable Landscape
by Craig S. Campbell &
Michael H. Ogden. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN0471107204. (1999)

Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig. Publisher: Oasis Design. ISBN 0964343398 (1991-Sept. 2006)

From Eco-Cities to Living Machine: Principles of Ecological Design
by Nancy Jack Todd & John Todd. Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556431503 (1994)

Sewage Solutions: Answering the Call of Nature by Nick Grant, Mark Moodie & Chris Weedon. Publisher: The Centre for Alternative Technology.
ISBN 1898049165 (2000) www.cat.org.uk

The Composting Toilet System Book: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Planning and Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems, an Alternative to Sewer and Septic Systems
by David Del Porto & Carol Steinfeld. Publisher: The Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention; ISBN: 0966678303 (1999)

Wells & Septic Systems
by Max and Charlotte Alth.
Publisher: TAB Books. ISBN 0830621377 (1992)

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Freshwater Aquaculture:

Backyard Fish Farming by Paul Bryant, Kim Jauncey and Tim Atack.
Publisher: Prism Press; ISBN 0904727246 (1980)

Ecological Aquaculture: A Sustainable Solution
by Laurence Hutchinson. Publisher: Permanent Publications; ISBN: 1856230325 (2005) www.permaculture.co.uk

Freshwater Aquaculture: A Handbook for small scale fish culture in North America
by William McLarney. Publisher: Hartley & Marks; ISBN 0881791237 (1998)

Small Scale Aquaculture: A hobbyists guide to growing fish in greenhouses, recirculating systems, cages and flowing water
. By Steven D. Van Gorder. Publisher: The Alternative Aquaculture Association; ISBN: 0967773202. (2000)

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Stormwater Management:

Bay- Friendly Landscape Guideline: Sustainable Practices for the Landscape Professional by Alameda County Waste Management Authority www.stopwaste.org

Rain Gardens: Managing Water Sustainably in the Garden and Designed Landscape by Nigel Dunnett and Andy Clayton. Timber Press, Portland OR (2007) www.timberpress.org

Start at the Source: Residential Site Planning & Design Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Protection by Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (1997)

Stormwater: The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals.
Great bi-monthly magazine. 805-681-1300.

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Watershed Restoration, Assessment & Monitoring:

A Citizen’s Guide To Understanding and Monitoring Lakes and Streams.1991. Joy P. Michaud. Publication # 94-149. Washington State Dept. of Ecology. 206-407-7472.

A Native Guide to Restoring Native Riparian Habitat in the Russian River Watershed. Sonoma County Water Agency and Circuit Rider Productions. 1998.

Applied River Morphology. 1996. David Rosgen. Wildland Hydrology. 1481 Stevens Lake Rd., Pagosa Springs, CO.

California Coordinated Resource Management and Planning: A Local Approach. 1996. California Coordinated Resource Management and Planning Technical Advisory Council.

California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual. 2000. California Department of Fish & Game. Inland Fisheries Dept., 1416 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95814. 916-654-5997.

Catalogue of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection, 2nd edition. 1999. U.S. EPA Publication # EPA 841-B-99-003. 1-800-490-9198.

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