OAEC Plant Sales

Doug GoslingThe OAEC Nursery is the only 100% California Certified Organic nursery in the Bay Area with a non-profit education center onsite. Our plants are appropriate for Permaculture design.

We offer hundreds of varieties of heirloom vegetables, flowers, and culinary and medicinal herbs, many started from our own seed collection.

All have been trialed and savored for years in our demonstration gardens and kitchen. Learn more about our nursery's story.

What is an OAEC Plant Sale?

We host 3 festive, seasonal Plant Sale events each year: a Spring Sale and Spring Sale Preview; a Summer Sale and Preview; and a Fall Plant Sale and Preview. 

 Each sale spans 2 back-to-back weekends and focuses on annuals.

  • These events go from 9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday and give visitors the chance to tour our new Nursery and Biodiversity Gardens. 
  • Click here for pricing

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Open Nursery Weekends

More interested in perennials, less interested in crowds? Join us for our Open Nursery Weekends.

From May 17 – June 29 and again from Sept. 6 – Nov. 2, our nursery will be open weekends, specializing in heirloom perennials for gardeners and landscapers.

Upcoming Plant Sales:

  • Please check back on January 12th, when our new website launches, for 2015 Plant Sale information. Thanks!

    Ryan and Sara at the Nursery