About the School Garden Teacher Training and Support Program

For ten years, OAEC’s School Garden Teacher Training and Support Program has been cultivating ecological literacy in school communities. The program supports teachers and school garden teams to establish and sustain garden projects, and to integrate garden curriculum with state standards. The core of the OAEC School Garden Program is a five-day residential summer training program offered at the 80 acre OAEC site in Western Sonoma County. These residential trainings are offered to teams of teachers, garden coordinators and core parent volunteers who apply for the Program. The summer residential trainings offer an array of skills and techniques focused on starting and sustaining the school garden, and bringing the school community together in support of their garden project. Through hands-on experiential sessions we teach participants organic gardening, permaculture, nutrition, garden design, team building, fundraising, art in the garden, and more.

Since 1997, OAEC’s School Garden Teacher Training and Support Program has trained 334 teachers, principals and core parent volunteers in 100 school garden programs in Northern California, San Francisco, and the Greater Bay Area. With our help, and the dedication of tens of thousands of students, teachers, parents, administrators, and facility management staff, Northern California schools are expanding the scope and value of school gardens. Many school projects now include recycling programs, vermiculture (worm box composting), habitat ponds, cooking-from-the-garden activities, salad bars, and farm-to-school programs.