The WATER Institute

WATER Institute Office

In 2004 OAEC established the WATER Institute (Watershed Advocacy, Training, Education, & Research), which has its own website (, to catalyze local and regional water policy change based on the principles of Conservation Hydrology. We are building upon our Basins of Relations training program that has trained over 150 participants from 40 different watersheds throughout Northern and Central California.

As part of our commitment to raising hydrological literacy, the WATER Institute offers a 20-page booklet,“Basins of Relations: A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting and Restoring Our Watersheds” (available for $5 plus $2 shipping and handling) and our website is brimming with information and resources for local watershed activism.

We continue to implement demonstration techniques for water retention on OAEC’s site, including solar water heating, rainwater harvest and storage, stormwater management techniques (bioswales, sediment traps, rolling dips), micro-hydro electricity generating system, and biofiltration systems. 

The WATER Institute has launched a Bring Back the Beaver campaign to promote working with beaver (Castor canadensis) to restore watersheds, protect against drought and climate change and recover endangered Coho salmon in California. To learn more go to

Contact Brock Dolman (ext. 106) or Kate Lundquist (ext. 118) or visit for more information.